God in Kalyug!

Poor God. Poor old God.

Existing since man deemed fit to invent Him. Gave Him various names, various avtaars, various shapes, various sizes. God survived these mutations, He survived echelons of time, He survived Himself in new avtaars.

Till kalyug came along.

Now God faces His toughest fight. In kalyug. Or rather with kalyug.

What’s so frightening about Kalyug? Everything, if I may say so.

Just open any newspaper, an edition, any day in the last 3 – 5 years and the same content just oozes out – scams, murders, rapes, frauds, more scams, more murders, more rapes and more frauds.

Looks like Kalyug is spawning a lot of Shaitaans or Satans. A lone God against an army of these Shaitaans. Now, these Shaitaans are very clever. They don the roles of politicians, bureaucrats, police, judiciary etc to confuse God. To confuse Him even further, they proclaim from the rooftops that they are very religious and God fearing. To the common junta, these Shaitaans wear the garb of the true disciples of God.

No wonder God has never faced a more worthy adversary. Worst of all, the enemy’s count is increasing in geometric progression. Do not believe me? Let us start – Bofors, Chaara Ghotala, 2G, 3G, CWG…blah, blah blah. Add to it the 1984 riots, the Gujarat riots, various bomb blasts, corporate greed (Satyam etc), God’s head must be spinning from the permutations and combinations of the Shaitaan enemy. Mind you, this is a very brief representation. For a better understanding refer to last seven days of Hindustan Times & Times of India and you will get an idea of what I am talking about.

Am sure, now you also agree that this is a nightmarish hell for God! Ghor Kalyug.

But then God is no pushover either. The biggest proof of His abilities is that despite everything India still runs, still survives and still grows. What else can one attritbute this miracle to, except the Godliness of God.

But when is aam junta’s wait gonna end for God to vanquish these Shaitaans? And how is it gonna end. Ahh, wish I knew. Wish I had these answers. I can only pray that this happens before the Shaitaan virus infects more people. I only wish that this does not turn out to be the Mahabharta battle where hardly anybody survived.

But, God has to act fast. Lest there is nobody to save. And the battle is in vain.


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